The CWI/CWE Exam - Why TRAIN-ENG Has Different Courses


The CWI Exam has three parts:

  • Part A - This is the understanding of welding and technical comprehension portion of the exam.
  • Part B - This is the practical inspection portion of the exam using visual inspection methods and recognition of the aspects of welding processing.
  • Part C - This section is the code specific portion of the exam for testing knowledge and applicable principles of a given code. The specific code section you want to be tested on is selected by you when you register for the scheduled examination. You must bring your own copy of the given code to the examination. IT MUST BE AN ORIGINAL CODE BOOK NOT A PHOTOCOPY.

CWI Certificate Requirements:

  • You must obtain a passing score on Parts: A, B, and C.

CWE Certificate Requirements:

  • You must obtain a passing score on Parts: A and C.

DISCLAIMER: The above descriptions are intended only as as overview. More specific details can be obtained through the American Welding Society (AWS).

CWI Training Course Introduction

TRAIN-ENG's CWI Part A Training Course

The Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) and Certified Welding Educator (CWE) courses are designed to help the student learn, understand and be able to apply the required principles that are essential for passing the CWI/CWE examination. Effective study methods are essential for sitting for the examination.

  • Ever think of taking the CWI Exam?
  • Are you in a work situation where you don't have time to take 40 hours off from work to takethe CWI prep course in a classroom setting?
  • Maybe your employer won't allow you to take a week off?
  • Train-Eng offers TWO solutions for your CWI training needs!
  • We offer a 40 hour CLASSROOM "Part A" course two nights a week at a West Houston, TX Location. (Other locations on demand).
  • We offer an ONLINE "Part A" training course so you can learn at your own pace.
  • The CWI CLASSROOM course will be taught by an experienced CWI with 30+ years in the welding industry.
  • The ONLINE course is broken down into sections of typically 20-30 minutes so you can spend at little or as much time working on the course as you chose. want.
  • The ONLINE course has Train-Eng's extensive bank of practice questions.
  • With the ONLINE course you can go at your own pace ¬†and also have access to an instructor to answer any questions that you might need clarification on.
  • The CLASSROOM course also includes access to our ONLINE training course and our extensive bank of practice questions. (4 months access.)
  • Why do we include the ONLINE access with the classroom course?
  • We understand that sometimes you can't schedule to take the exam relative to taking the CLASSROOM course. This gives you the opportunity to review and refresh on the course material.
  • Classes are held: West side of Houston, TX, other locations are possible. on demand.

Professional Engineers can get PDHs & existing CWIs can get their PDHs towards their CWI/SCWI 9 year renewal.

CWI "Part A" Online Training Course

  • Equivalent course material as the 40 Hour Classroom CWI Training Course.
  • Course material is broken down into typically 20-30 minute sections.
  • Extensive bank of questions to test and reaffirm your knowledge.
  • Course access: one (1) year to complete.
  • Code Books are NOT included in our price.

CWI "Part A" In-person Classroom Training Course:

  • 40 Hrs CWI Training Course.
  • 2 nights per week for 5 weeks.
  • Online CWI Training Course included - 4 months access.
  • Code Books are NOT included in our price.

CWI/CWE Part A Course

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CWI Part A Question Bonanza

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CWI/CWE Part B Course

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CWI/CWE Part C Course(s)

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