Why Choose TRAIN-ENG for Your CWI and CWI 9-Yr. Recertification Training Needs?

TRAIN-ENG (pronounced: “training”) is dedicated to providing timely, affordable & best PDH training courses for potential or existing certified welding inspectors (CWI). All courses are directed toward engineers, inspectors, technicians, supervisors, welders & other support staff that are or are interested in becoming a CWI.

TRAIN-ENG recognizes that it is not always possible to attended seminars and training courses during regular business hours in order to advance one’s career.

  • Our online training places you in the position to complete training on your own time and at your own pace.
  • Our in-person, after hours training, allows you to complete the course work without taking off from work.

TRAIN-ENG seeks to provide the training classes, quizzes, tools and resources necessary to make you successful in your career goals and aspirations whether sought for career advancement or fulfillment of certification or licensing requirements.

TRAIN-ENG recognizes and wants YOU to understand that the most important factor in successful training is YOU. Only YOU can dedicate yourself to studying and putting in the hours necessary to be successful. We're here to help you be just that ==> successful!

CWI Training Courses

  • Online or Classroom Certified Welding Inspector (CWI/CWE) Training Courses.
  • CWI Part "A" Training for $400 or less in-person.
  • CWI Part "A" Training for $150 or less online.
  • CWI Part "A" Question Bonanza with 800+ additional Questions.
  • CWI Part "B" Training for $130 or less.
  • CWI Part "C" Training with your choice of Industry Code.
  • Automatic CWI Certificate for Course (PDF) upon Completion.

CWI 9 Year Recertification Training Courses

  • Complete all 80 hours from our training course selections.
  • Don't need 80 hours then tailor your selections to fit your needs.
  • Cheap CWI training courses so you don't break the bank.
  • Our pricing beats the competition.
  • Variety in our courses is the spice of life.
  • Refresh your skills or learn new topics.
  • Automatic CWI Certificate for Course and Course Description (PDF) upon Completion.

CWI Training Courses with Options

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Your one stop training shop for CWI Exam Parts A, B, & C.

9 Year CWI Re-certification Training Courses

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Get your 80 credit hours done at one convienent location!