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Podcast: The Welding Codex:

A podcast dedicated to discussing technical issues in welding and materials joining. In this podcast our hosts discuss a number of subjects including but not limited to welding codes, metallurgy and welding defects. The Welding Codex takes a deep diver into everything you never wanted to know about welding codes and the technical side of welding.

Your Hosts: * Peter G Kinney PE/CWI * Garry A Pace PE/CWI 

Click the picture to access the podcasts. is the weldsite for Garry Pace, P.E. /CWI

Garry provides the following: * Welding engineering consulting. * Welding procedure review (WPSs, PQRs, WPQs) & conformance to codes AWS, ASME IX, API 1104 etc. * Welding education consulting and training services.

Click the picture for access to Garry's website.