P.E. - Welding - Design, Procedures & Inspection

P.E. - Welding - Design, Procedures and Inspection

This course is designed around “Department of the Army Technical Manual TM 5-805-7, Welding: Design, Procedures and Inspection.”

This Course contains criteria and basic data for welded construction design, construction methods, and inspection procedures for Army construction. This course covers only the following welding processes and materials commonly used for field construction projects: shielded metal-arc, gas metal-arc, gas tungsten-arc, flux-cored arc, submerged arc, exothermic, and arc stud welding processes.

This online course is designed to give civil and other engineers solid foundation in welding design, procedures and inspection for field construction. The purpose of this course is to give deeper insight into the welding related construction projects.

Professional Development Hours (PDH) - 8 Hrs.

  • Course access: one (1) year to complete.