CWI Part B Training Course

The CWI Part B Training Course Outline

The CWICWE Part “B” Training Classes are built to help you pass the AWS CWI Part B - Practical Examination portion of the Certified Welding Inspector Exam. Our preparatory course is designed to help you prepare and pass the Part B Practical portion of the exam.

The course consists of the following basic modules.

  • Module 1: Intro to Part B of the CWI Exam.
  • Module 2: Book of Specifications (BOS): Requirements & Structural Steel.
  • Module 3: BOS: Req’s for Pipeline & Pressure Piping.
  • Module 4: BOS: Procedure Qualification.
  • Module 5: BOS: Performance Qualification.
  • Module 6: Understanding the Book of Documents.
  • Module 7: Using the Weld Inspection Toolkit.
  • Module 8: Inspecting Weld Replicas.
  • Module 9: CWI Part B Test Taking Tips.

A student can choose to just take the Part B course or select to take both CWI Part A and Pert B as a combination of courses.

  • COMPLETE COURSE: All Part B modules.
  • COMBO: CWI Part A and CWI Part B.

Course access: one (1) year to complete.

Code Books are NOT included in our price.