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PDH Welding Symbols (PDH-3 hrs)

  • PDH Welding Symbols (PDH-3 hrs)
PDH CREDIT ONLY - Certificate of Completion
Understanding Welding Symbols and their application is vital to communicating to the shop floor through engineering drawings. Proper welding symbols and associated notes and dimensions are required to allow the shop floor to properly weld any assembly in the manufacturing environment. All levels of manufacturing need to understand what is being conveyed on the engineering drawings. The engineer doing the design, the supervisors and welders on the shop floor and the inspectors need the knowledge to apply and interpret welding symbols.

This online course is designed to give engineers, welders, shop foreman, and inspectors a solid introduction into welding symbols. An understanding of this area will make it easier to participate in welding related activities and to communicate the required information on drawings with welding craft and supervision.


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