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CWI 9 Yr. - How to Read and Review WPS/PQRs (8 Hr. PDH)

  • CWI 9 Yr. - How to Read and Review WPS/PQRs (8 Hr. PDH)
How to Read and Review WPS/PQRs .
Looking for a course that lets you behind the curtain of welding, welding codes and welding procedure qualifications? Are you a structural engineer that has been tasked with reviewing WPS/PQRs and other welding documents? Are you a new CWI looking at paperwork thinking that you could use a little bit more training? Then this class is for you.
In this course we will cover the common welding processes, then pivot and take a dive into AWS D1.1, ASME Section IX and API 1104. This course is designed to give the student the skills to write, qualify, and review WPSs, PQRs, and WQTRs. Not only will the class cover how to qualify and write WPS/PQRs and welder quals we will discuss how to review WPS/PQRs and Welder quals. Students will write and review WPS/PQRs and welder quals during the course. The instructor will cover welding qualification from ordering test plate material, writing work instructions to hints on putting together checklists for the qualification tests. This course is designed to help companies meet the requirements listed in ASME Section IX QG-106.


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